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 Technovation Girls Sakartvelo-ს 2021-2022 სეზონის პროექტები


Georgia semi-finalists

Junior Division:

Star Catchers - DushetiCity


Senior Division:

MandM -ReadMate

Epsilion - Plantaria

E.N.N.F - Evrica

Europe Regional Winner

TSFE (Technical Support For Earth) - SMART LIGHT

Alte University, the ambassador of Technovation Girls Sakartvelo, organized the camp for 250 participants who successfully finished 60 projects and presented them to the international jury. The camp took place in "College AISI", in Kachreti. Participants had workshops about Arduino Uno, the computer programming language Python, and Cybersecurity. Moreover, they attended lectures about AI, Climate Technologies, and agriculture. The Technovation Girls Sakartvelo partner, Skillwill, provided a lecture about opportunities for women in STEM. The main sponsor of the project, TBC contributed to the successful implementation of the camp and awarded prizes to the Europe Regional Winner team: TSFE (Technical Support For Earth).

Technovation Girls Sakartvelo Camp 2023

Team MandM: ReadMate - Semifinalists

We are creating a platform where people can help each other to find different books. With ReadMate, our goal is to make it easier for people in our community to access books and give back them love of books. We are focused on raising books accessibility for everyone.

Epsilion - Plantaria -semifinalists

Our team was oriented on creating a sustainable app that would help the environment so we made an app that can detect plant diseases and show the users many ways to solve the disease. It helps many kinds of people like florists, entrepreneurs, teachers, and generally people who love plants. Through our app, we hope we can take part in sustainable development and help climate change for the better.

"EVRICA" is an application that allows you to discover educational projects tailored to your interests. Every day, many educational projects are being implemented and many ideas for creating new camps are being born. However, information about these news is available to us in various platforms through posts. Our application allows the user to vote for different educational projects based on criteria specified by them and provide their opinion on different educational projects. Our application helps young people in regions by providing them with easy access to information and news related to their interests and needs.

E.N.N.F - Evrica - semifinalists

FitAbility is a mobile app that caters to the physical and mental exercise needs of individuals with disabilities. It provides exercise routines, guides for parents and relatives to identify symptoms and get tips on how to help their loved ones, maps of equipped environments, and a special forum for people with disabilities to get involved in their community and connect with others. The app offers information about specific conditions like Down syndrome and Autism and suggests ways for people to donate or assist others in need.

GOAT Scientists: FitAbility
GAIA : GiveRadar 

GiveRadar is a nonprofit organization founded by Gaia to spread awareness, encourage people to recycle, volunteer and ultimately make the world a better place. Through our organization, we strive to make a difference by popularizing volunteering and recycling. Our application provides detailed information about recycling, volunteering events, programs, and nearby drop-off locations, while tracking users' progress and certificates. We believe we can make the world a greener and healthier place by cooperating and supporting sustainability. we aspire to collaborate with more organizations, share our app with their workers and receive feedback.

Las Divas: Learnovation

Since lack of motivation is a major problem in today's world, our project aims to help students with the stated issue. Our app provides tasks and assignments to help students learn more efficiently and stay motivated. Tasks are designed to be entertaining and challenging to create an engaging environment for our users. The design is targeted to attract customers at first, but the quality of content is what they stay for. To sum up, "Learnovation" is a great place to learn it all.

TSFE(Technical Support For Earth): SmartLight

Meet the girls from Svaneti region who became winners of Technovation Girls project Europe-wide. After conducting thorough research about problems in their rural community, participants realized that specific areas of Svaneti were wasting more electricity than others. Subsequently, girls collected evidence, which convinced them that villages would benefit from saving electricity. The participants tackled the problem, created the application and devised the prototype which aimed to inspire population to become more Environment-friendly.

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